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Cold water machine in the brewery fermentation tank cooling applications

Cooling application of fermentation tank, cold water machine in brewery by water chillers, cooling towers, ethylene glycol solution tank, technology of variable frequency pump, the electromagnetic valve of fermentation tank cooling precise temperature control system, its features before fermentation tank installation solenoid valve, solenoid valve according to temperature control of fermentation tank and off, using ethylene glycol solution process, the frequency conversion pump technology through the pipeline pressure control, variable frequency pump chiller as modular units, compressor for twin-screw compressor, can realize stepless capacity adjustment, through the cooperation between the above equipments work to accurately control the temperature of fermentation tank, solved the problem of the fermentation tank is icy, realized the accurate control of temperature, and eliminate the ammonia leakage caused by pollution, beer made the production of safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.

the brewery fermentation tank cooling is directly by ammonia liquid cooled by evaporation through the solenoid valve before fermentation tank intermittent open to control the flow of liquid ammonia, with direct evaporation amount of latent heat of liquid ammonia not precisely controlled, too cold so often happen, which results in the fermentation tank fermented liquid icing, directly affect the quality of beer, in addition, the leakage of ammonia liquid will pollution to the liquid fermentation tank, affect the product quality and safety; In order to satisfy the liquid ammonia evaporation low pressure environment, compressor need continuous running, which creates a waste of energy.

the temperature of the industrial ice machine according to ethylene glycol solution tank start-stop can guarantee a jar of ethylene glycol. Aqueous solution, constant temperature in ethylene glycol solution under the condition of constant temperature, to ensure that achieve precise temperature control of fermentation tank, only need to adjust the ethylene glycol? The flow of aqueous solution, and to achieve flow adjustable design adopts the variable frequency pump. Because of ethylene glycol? Aqueous solution of temperature and heat transfer process of the fermentation tank is passed, does not occur, so there is no latent heat caused by the influence of heat transfer is not controlled. In addition, as long as there is enough glycol tank of ethylene glycol at low temperature. Aqueous solution, even if the industrial ice machine is not open, also can realize to the fermentation tank, cooling chiller intermittent operation, so that prolong the life span of the industrial ice machine.

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