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Cold water machine in the application of ultra-thin injection molding equipment

Thin a lot of problems appeared in the process of injection molding equipment in the production of 1, long production cycle, production is low; 2, the product shape is bad; 3, high mold temperature influence the demoulding of the products. The disadvantages of the existing ultra-thin injection mold cooling system is straight into straight out, uneven cooling, bad products uneven stresses in the pattern and deformation, the production cycle is long, directly influence the yield and quality of the products.
cold water machine in the application of ultra-thin injection molding equipment, ultra-thin plastic injection mould cooling water is cooled by cold water machine, through the pipe to the mold, the mold of the cooling water channel into a fountain, around the water out of the water in the middle, and back to cold water cooling machine, so as to quickly finalize the design product, short production cycle. The cooling system, including cold water machine, cold water machine export through pipe connection be placed in the mold of a fountain of internal cooling water channel, the fountain of cooling channel consists of multiple circular arrangement of the cooling water pipe, the combination with the top of the cooling water pipe and connected to the export of cold water machine, the lower end of the cooling water pipe respectively connected to the cold water machine imports.
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