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Cold water machine in the application of semiconductor products production and processing

Manufacturer and discussion here under cold water machine in the application of semiconductor products production and processing, the chip, wafer, LCD, integrated circuits and other semiconductor products in the process of production and processing, semiconductor products main process equipment has a very stringent requirements on the processing temperature. The main process equipment in the process of semiconductor products, need to maintain a constant temperature, if the temperature control equipment of form a complete set temperature fluctuation is too large will cause waste and incomplete, causing unnecessary economic waste.

now leading to the main process equipment form a complete set of temperature control temperature control equipment capacity can be achieved under no-load condition temperature fluctuations do not exceed & plusmn; 0. 5 ℃, loading condition does not exceed & plusmn; 0. 5℃。 At present commonly used way of temperature control for indirect refrigeration system, is to use the mechanism of cold water cooling system cooling load temperature control equipment cooling, repass electric heater temperature control, continuously to the main process equipment side supply constant temperature cooling agent, through the cold load agent and the main process equipment heat exchange with the heat exchange cavity, maintain a constant temperature state of semiconductor main process equipment.
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