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Cold water machine in the application of PET plastic injection molding industry

宠物( Short for polyethylene terephthalate) Is a qualified safety of drugs, food package material. Molecular structure of PET neat, little branched macromolecules, belong to the crystalline polymer, generally by injection molding method, but molding all kinds of complicated shape, size precision injection molding products.

but as a result of PET crystallization speed is slow, the crystallization temperature is high, the injection molding of time as long as it can rapidly cooling, make products to the fastest speed through the crystallization temperature of molten zone, macromolecular chain don't have enough time to make arrangement of crystallization, can a low degree of crystallinity, high transparency of the products. Therefore, PET bottle embryo injection molding need to provide a large number of chilled water for cooling, cold water machine the PET melt in cavity with the fastest speed through the crystallization temperature of molten zone, the products have low crystallinity, transparent bottle embryo. :

the working process of PET bottle embryo injection molding using chilled water, general requirements about 8 ℃, the temperature is provided by the cold water machine. After water cooling, cold water machine the staging in the tank, after filtering by the centrifugal pump to need cooling institutions ( Such as LengMo, hot die, manipulators, etc. ) , cooling after high temperature cooling water back to the cold water machine, forming a cold water circulation system. Cold water circulation systems generally use of cooling tower water, the water temperature is less than 34 ℃, used to absorb the heat generated by the cold water machine and feeding system work, so as to get high quality PET products.

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