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Cold water machine in the application of laser projection technology

Known to laser projection technology is currently the world's leading high-tech projection technology. But the laser light source for high temperature, the ideal working temperature range of Rc need to maintain in the soil. Therefore, the role of cold water machine directly affects the light source module out of the luminous efficiency and color stability. In order to ensure the laser light source can work stably for a long time. The laser generator (

The laser module) Installation fixed on the water pipes, the pipe connected to the cold water machine, through the role of the cooling and temperature cold water machine, to take away the heat generated by the laser module, and keep the temperature in the range of soil IV of the constant. Air inlet may be placed on a laser light source in the cold water machine the front door, cabinet cold air through the fan will heat exchanger heat to the main duct. At the same time, the rack installation of the exhaust duct outlet connected to the building, and powerful negative pressure generated by the outdoor fan convulsions, make the hot air inside the main duct emitted smoothly.

cold water machine used in laser projection technology beneficial effects mainly lies in: 1, the optimization design on the heat dissipation problem of the laser module, synthetically by means of water-cooled and air-cooled heat, in order to ensure the laser light source can work stably for a long time; 2, can adopt active refrigeration compressor, cooling water circulation and the unique design of exhaust air duct laser module fixed on the water pipes, increase the cooling efficiency, optical fiber access is convenient.

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