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Cold water machine in the application of ground dragon screw conveyor

Ground screw conveyor is a kind of dragon drying tube material conveying equipment, through the twisted dragon to conveying drying tube material, sometimes need to transport the material temperature is very high, there are serious security hidden danger; At the same time, the temperature of the material is too high will affect the normal use of equipment, reduce the service life of equipment. And application in ground dragon screw conveyor, cold water machine can prevent conveyer is on fire, the material temperature was too high so as to reduce the potential safety hazard, and has simple operation, can increase the service life of the equipment, prevent equipment jams, etc.

by setting the thermometer on the ground dragon shell, when the temperature of high temperature setting of the ground dragon shell, thermometer temperature information feedback to the PLC controller, PLC controller to control the on-off valve in the cold water machine, cold water machine start working, cold water machine, cold water by the cold water flow within the export flow into the winding in the ground dragon of soft water pipe on the shell; When reduced to the set value of low temperature and material temperature thermometer temperature information feedback to the PLC controller, PLC controller to control the cold water machine the switch valve, the cold water machine stop work, so as to achieve lower ground dragon casing material temperature.

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