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Cold water machine in electrophoresis equipment

- electrophoresis equipment of form a complete set of products - The use of cold water machine can be made up for different requirements of water temperature. Electrophoresis equipment also need water temperature control, so that the electrophoretic coating of product quality better, more smooth and flawless appearance.

cold water machine with general water cooling equipment is completely different, because of the cold water machine has completely independent refrigeration system, not influenced by temperature and environmental, the water temperature in the 5 - 30 ℃ range adjustment control, and thus can achieve the goal of high precision, high efficiency control temperature. Cold water machine is equipped with independent cooling water machine for water circulation system, the water cycle use, can be a lot of water conservation. Cold water machine in the field of electrophoresis electrophoresis is the ability to control water temperature, increasing the density of the electrophoresis products and smooth, shorten the cycle of electrophoresis and improve the efficiency of production, improve product quality.

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