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Cold water machine how to realize the temperature control

The cold water machine the temperature control of a single, can't realize the temperature control, the use of already can't meet the current needs. Cold water machine how to realize the temperature control? Its export refrigerant cycle and the cooling cycle between inlet parallel control unit is equipped with several temperature, different areas can be finishing temperature control, more precise control precision, it is more convenient to use, and can guarantee work safety, improve equipment reliability.

more cold water temperature control machine including: refrigerants, refrigerant side box through refrigerant pipe connection in the refrigeration unit, the side of the refrigeration unit with refrigerant cycle export, refrigerant side box is equipped with the industrial ice machine cycle entrance, parallel between refrigerant cycle exports and refrigerant cycle entrance is equipped with several temperature control unit, temperature control units including heaters, heater is equipped with refrigerant bypass II, refrigerant bypass II through communicating pipe connection in the refrigerant cycle export, refrigerant cycle entrance.
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