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Cold water machine how to provide air valve adjusting the condensing pressure

Cold water machine how to provide air valve adjusting the condensing pressure? Cold water machine the condensing pressure depends on air temperature, air velocity, condensation area, the refrigeration compressor exhaust, and other various factors affecting the condenser heat transfer. Air-cooled chillers, for example, under the condensing pressure regulating methods are mainly from the industrial ice machine change refrigerant flow and change the flow of cooling air from the air side. Air valve adjustment is to make the air throttle, reduce the air flow through the condenser, reduce the intensity of heat exchange, thereby improve the condensing pressure.

air-cooled chillers from air side condensing pressure adjustment methods mainly include:
a. The condenser inlet or outlet air flow regulating valve;
b. Change the cooling fan running the Numbers;
c. The variable speed fan motor.

cold water machine:
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