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Cold water machine high temperature alarm processing method

Cold water machine high temperature alarm can be divided into high pressure alarm and superheated water temperature alarm, high pressure alarm, cold water machine mainly because of the radiator we said condenser ventilation ( Cooling water) High temperature will cause cold water machine high pressure alarm. Cold water machine high water temperature alarm, refers to the cold water machine in the process of running the water in the tank more than set value, water continues to rise.

a, cold water machine high pressure alarm:

1, anti-dust mesh plug, heat dissipation, can remove the dust-proof net cleaning regularly;

2, industrial ice machine is overmuch, part need to drain away.

3. , outlet, or into the draught, poor ventilation, to ensure smooth out, into the tuyere;

2, cold water machine, water temperature ultra high temperature alarm:

1, severe voltage on the low side or unstable, can improve the power lines or use the voltage stabilizer;

2, temperature controller parameter Settings, should reset the parameters or restore the factory Settings;

3 frequent switch machine, cold water machine, shall ensure that the cooling of the chiller have enough time ( More than five minutes) ;

4, excess heat load, the need to reduce the heat load, or choose a larger capacity models.

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