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Cold water machine expansion valve correct installation and use

Expansion valve mechanism is composed of cold water cooling system of one of the four main parts, compared with the compressor, evaporator and condenser. While its smaller size, but its mechanism of flow control performance of cold water cooling system operation characteristics have important influence on, the cold water machine control is a major control, the industrial ice machine in the important position in the research of energy saving and the study of flow control is to improve the efficiency of the evaporator, adjust stability, fast response, strong ability to adapt to variable load.

the thermal expansion valve has a long development and manufacturing experience, although a lot of work to improve its flow control characteristics, but according to its working principle and control some inherent defects cannot be overcome. These shortcomings is narrow working temperature range, temperature thermal inertia cause response lag and adjusting shocks, minimum stability degree of superheat make full use of the evaporator can't also limits the refrigeration system to give full play to the largest, valve capacity affected by condensation temperature, and so on. Further improvement depends on the update from the control method, namely, from simple closed-loop feedback proportional control to the possible USES the new way of the adjustment of the more advanced, therefore have developed a variety of electronic expansion valve and control valve, industrial ice machine regulation provides a good solution.

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