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Cold water machine exhaust system

Exhaust system can run in the cold water unit process of the non-condensable gas out of absorption refrigeration unit.

even if adopt the most stringent leakage test and welding operation, still in the operation of the system in leakage may occur. After years of operation and maintenance are also likely to be produced, if there is a leak non-condensable gas must be ruled out.

absorption refrigeration unit at run time, oneself also can produce a small amount of noncondensable gas, this is because the hydrogen in the normal operation of the system internals and other non-condensable gases, although use the means such as additives to limit in the range of the smallest number, but it can continuously produce, at this time can only rely on exhaust system and operating personnel make the unit as much as possible to avoid the non-condensable gas.

driving force of the exhaust system is basically a two-stage vacuum pump, it will be any non-condensable gas absorption in the absorber. The driving force of the exhaust system needs a small amount of maintenance. Vacuum pump in the lubricating oil must be updated regularly in order to avoid damage of vacuum. The vacuum pump price is higher, must pay attention to maintenance seriously.

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