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Cold water machine exhaust pressure and suction pressure protection

Mechanism of cold water cooling system is working, the refrigeration compressor suction pressure is too low, or high exhaust pressure will endanger the safe operation of the system, must be set high and low voltage protection ( Exhaust pressure protection and inspiratory pressure protection) High, in order to prevent the refrigeration compressor exhaust pressure and suction pressure is too low.

in the operation of the refrigeration unit, there are many abnormal factors can cause the exhaust pressure is too high, for example, the operating error, refrigeration compressor starts, the exhaust valve is not opened, in the system at the beginning of the industrial ice machine filling quantity is too much, make the condenser effusion is overmuch, condenser water or a serious shortage of water, condenser fan motor is out of order, the central system too non-condensable gas content and so on, and the refrigeration system of high pressure high tilting, exceeds the bearing capacity of the machinery and equipment, will cause people, machine accidents.

on the other hand, if the expansion valve block, vacuum valve, suction filter blockage, will cause the suction pressure is too low, the low voltage side of inspiratory pressure too low or the damage by too much time, running economy, cold cold water mechanism system cycle pressure ratio increase, exhaust temperature rises, the efficiency drops, refrigeration compressor working conditions deteriorate.

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