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Cold water machine evaporation temperature how to control

Cold water machine evaporation temperature control is implemented by evaporation pressure control, control of evaporating pressure method is to install evaporating pressure regulator in cold water machine the evaporator outlet. Constitute the evaporating pressure feedback flow control system it is the basic regulating principle of evaporation pressure regulator before induction industrial ice machine pressure decreases. High when the valve is fully open, with the decrease of load decrease P down the valve opening, reduce outflow of liquid from the evaporator through the throttling effect makes the valve pressure is higher than before the valve after pressure, that is to say, low load, although expansion valve for liquid, reduce compressor suction pressure decrease but by evaporation pressure regulating valve throttling effect, high pressure before the valve, it can still maintain a higher pressure in the evaporator, when P is lower than the set value, the valve closed.

according to size, cold water machine evaporator evaporation pressure regulator. Have a direct acting and pilot valve and main valve combination control type, the former for small devices, thick for large equipment.

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