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Cold water machine evaporation coefficient calculation

Cold water machine evaporator heat transfer coefficient formula is expressed as: 1 is the coefficient of thermal conductivity, heat transfer layer thickness is multiplied by that it is useless to improve heat transfer. This formula, the coefficient of heat transfer can increase the air side heat coefficient of refrigerant exothermic coefficient. To obtain. For evaporator cooling air, increase air side heat release coefficient is the most effective way to improve air flow speed, also make the air around the evaporator is driven by fan and forced flow, which is in a lot of refrigeration unit already adopted a method of strengthening heat transfer and received very good results. But through the air velocity on the surface of the evaporator is restricted by several factors, could not be infinite. For example, in the cold room of food cold storage, because of the food without packaging, storage use warehouse dry air flow force must increase in food consumption someone once made a statistical l04t forced air flow frozen meat, food in dry consumption rate can reach 3%, 1 & times for frozen processing and storage capacity; L0 food cold storage, meat weight per year in lost 30 industrial cold water machine, a number that is remarkable. On the other hand, increasing the air side can strengthen the evaporator in air flow quantity of heat, but also increase the energy consumption and the evaporator fan load & # 39; Total energy consumption will increase the amount of refrigeration equipment.
below again to explore the possibilities of improve the industrial ice machine heat release coefficient. exothermic coefficient mainly depends on the size of the refrigerant flow velocity, velocity high exothermic coefficient is large. But improve the refrigerant flow rate is not easy, the refrigeration system is a closed loop system, its 'refrigerant flow is composed of equipment match each other and make up the system of operating condition to the & # 39; Can't be arbitrarily increase/decrease. That is to say, flowing into the evaporator refrigeration dose hao r and throttling liquid refrigerant in the evaporator evaporation process of flash steam quantity GsF is equal, it seems to improve the efficiency of the evaporator, the real one to make the change, or to a variable in the constantly changing.
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