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Cold water machine equipment principle of work and working principle of the refrigeration system

Cold water machine equipment principle of work: air-cooled water chillers, for example, first of all, to inject a certain amount of water tank inside the case, through the cold water machine refrigeration system cooling water cooling tank, again by cryogenic cooling water pump into the need of cooling equipment ( Is the heat equipment) Chilled water, cold water machine to take away heat temperature and then back into the water tank, after repeated circulation, achieve the effect of cooling.

cold water machine equipment cooling system working principle: liquid industrial ice machine in the evaporator absorbs the heat in the water and began to evaporate, eventually formed certain temperature difference between refrigerant and water, liquid refrigerant also completely evaporate into a gas compressor suction and compression (after Increase pressure and temperature) , the gaseous refrigerant through the condenser ( Air/water cooling) Absorption of heat, condenses into liquid, through the thermal expansion valve ( Or capillary) The throttle into low temperature low pressure refrigerant entering the evaporator, after complete the refrigerant cycle.

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