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Cold water machine electronic expansion valve

Cold water machine the electronic expansion valve general thermistor is used to detect the temperature of the refrigerant, which in turn makes the corresponding action. Liquid refrigerant does not contact sensing element, but by the electronic line to detect the actual temperature. In order to make the electronic line pressure readings, which in turn converted to temperature, system can also use a pressure sensor. Use from the evaporator pressure readings can be converted into temperature according to the actual temperature of the air suction pipe, can be established that the actual quantity of heat, and can obtain the accurate load cooling control.

the electronic expansion valve looks very like the solenoid valve on the pipeline, thermistor probe in pipeline can be directly inserted into the evaporator.

the electronic expansion valve the advantage of multi-functional characteristics of the electronic control circuit. Relative to the thermal expansion, the electronic expansion valve control has great capacity. It can also be a system in low temperature environment, the exhaust pressure to reduce outdoor conditions into more refrigerant to the evaporator. Electronic expansion valve with large capacity of liquid refrigerant handling capacity can deal with all kinds of liquid refrigerant flow.

the electronic expansion valve in cold climates can remain larger refrigerant flow, which can be refrigerants have the ability to deliver more industrial ice machine to the system.

each manufacturer will have their own design style, but all the manufacturers have a common goal, that is the production performance is more reliable, the price is cheaper, longer service life of cold water machine.

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