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Cold water machine, cylinder unloading and variable frequency drive

Reduced capacity of the reciprocating compressor by cylinder unloading and variable frequency drive ( VFD) Two methods to implement.

for example, if the office of water chiller adopt a 100 tons cold with eight cylinder compressor, the capacity of each cylinder to 12. Cold 5 tons of capacity, when all eight cylinder in mercury to send, then the compressor have a capacity of 100 tons of cold ( 8 * 12. 5 = 100). 。 When a portion of the cylinder unloading, its capacity will drop.

for example, if it is double cylinder unloading, then each step unloading will reduce the capacity of 25 tons of cold. Thus, three step unloading sequence the whole compressor, the compressor can has a capacity of 3 different changes: 100 tons (cold 8 cylinder in mercury at the same time to send) , 75 tons of cold ( 6 cylinder in mercury to send) , 50 tons ( Four cylinder in mercury to send) , cold and 25 tons ( Two cylinders in mercury send) 。 In the system first start in the morning, the whole building will only need to 25 tons of cold cold capacity of up to 50 tons. When outdoor temperatures rise further, compressor can automatically adjust the capacity to full capacity state, namely 100 tons of cold. If the building is a hotel, evening also need business, so the compressor will drop with the outdoor temperature automatic start unloading, until reduced to 25 tons of cold, the cold at this time if there is too much, so the water chiller automatically power off. When the chiller to restart, the compressor will still be in the state of the later start, so that you can lower the starting current. Compressor can't unloading capacity state of 0, otherwise it will not be able to compress industrial ice machine flow through the system, the lubricating oil back to the compressor within the system. In general, the compressor can be the actual capacity dropped to its full capacity at 25% ~ 50%.

is another advantage of cylinder unloading compressor power consumption is reduced with the balance of capacity, despite its low power consumption is not proportional to reduce the capacity of, but the power consumption in the part of the unloading state have declined dramatically. In addition to the cylinder unloading can reduce work load, at the same time the compression ratio of the compressor. When a cylinder unloading system of inspiratory ali will rise, while the exhaust pressure fell slightly.

cylinder unloading can be implemented in a variety of ways: fibrobronchoscopy inhale and lift valve are two of the most common methods.

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