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Cold water machine control action

1) Continuous control system. All the parameters in the system are continuous changes over time.

2) Discontinuous control system, control system have more than one parameter change is discontinuous, battery valve control in front of the evaporator is fluid for a column. According to the given value of divided

1) Constant value control system. In the control system, a given value is constant, the most widely used control system.

2) Process control system. A given value is a function of the change over time. Such as heating boiler fuel control, the ratio of air and fuel quantity setting, environmental laboratory given warm setting, etc.

3) Servo system. Given value as the function of random quantity, cannot be determined in advance.

cold water machine according to the controller's control planning division

controller can be divided into two, scale, PI, pid control system, etc. Because this kind of part influence the performance of control system, will be further introduced later.

the control system of quality index

control system interference by step, change from a stable state to another steady state, were empty parameters change with time. Study is excessive process in order to control the quality of the process. Excessive process can be divergent oscillation, the persistent oscillation, can also be a drab and attenuation. The most typical damping oscillation process. Divergent oscillation and the persistent oscillation process. All belong to the control process of instability. They are in the process of continuous control is not allowed, but in the process of on-off control, as long as the range of allowable amplitude and frequent fluctuations in the process, it is can be used.
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