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Cold water machine configuration

Reverse circulation through the absorption of heat, low temperature heat source to the high temperature heat source heat, to achieve at a low temperature heat source temperature is cooled object for refrigeration effect. Similarly, if we will be released into the high temperature heat source, making use of heat to release it to a certain object or space, make its temperature, then the you want to cycle have the effect of the heating, as a reverse circulation system become a heat pump heating purposes.

industrial ice machine and heat pump in thermodynamics and no difference in my work, but at different purpose and working temperature range. Generally speaking, the refrigerating machine is by absorbing the environment temperature is cooled below the object's heat, and then released into the environment, to achieve lower than environment temperature cooling effect, the temperature of the work cycle occurs under ambient temperature range; While the heat pump absorb heat from the environment, and then discharge to the higher than the ambient temperature of heated object, above to complete the environment temperature, the heating effect of work cycle occurs above the ambient temperature within the temperature range.

the speed of the compressor usually is 500 - 3000 r/min, standard refrigerating capacity is less than 600 kw of minicomputers.

the ideal of piston type refrigeration compressor working process based on the assumption that no clearance volume compressor, suction, exhaust the process of no resistance losses, suction, exhaust the process of no heat exchange with the outside world, no leakage of industrial ice machine.
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