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Cold water machine condenser classification

Cold water machine according to the different methods of cooling medium and cooling, cold water machine are divided into air-cooled condenser, evaporation, water cooled and spray. According to the structural type of condenser, belt can be divided into plate plate, plate type, coil type, shell and tube type, spiral plate, the plate heat exchanger, the finned tube type, etc. Now commonly used is board and chip, finned shell and tube type. Evaporative cooling condenser is the use of the characteristics of water evaporation absorbs heat outside the walls of a condenser, equivalent to the combination of condenser and cooling tower water. Using this kind of condenser can save water cooling towers, but their large size, small heat transfer coefficient and tube wall outside furring is difficult to remove. industrial ice machine condenser is characterized by a low air as cooling medium, the heat transfer coefficient, don't need to connect water pipes so don't need cooling water system, install, flexible and low cost. The water cooled chiller condenser is characterized by high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, is applicable to various types of refrigeration unit. But you need to set up the cooling water system, produce scale to regular cleaning. Is the role of the condenser cooling water machine of industrial ice machine compressor discharge superheat steam cools, further condensed into liquid industrial ice machine, the condenser is gives off heat equipment. In the condenser, industrial ice machine gives off heat the heat transfer surface is passed to the cooling medium. Along with the advance of processing technology, cold water machine using condenser is undergoing major changes, the new condenser is lower cost, and better performance.
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