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Cold water machine compression pump

Evaporator can be used for direct expansion fluid and the gravity fluid in two ways. Evaporator can be used for fluid volume of floating ball valve or electromagnetic
valve control, FIG. 1 39 is to determine the ball float liquid level control cabinet or telemetry I installation height of liquid level controller.
as industrial ice machine in the evaporator boiling will form a large number of bubbles, make its crossing the surface of the liquid level is higher than resting, in direct expansion for the liquid system, in order to avoid not
vaporization liquid was out of the evaporator, the charging amount should not be submerged all the heat transfer surface, usually liquid height is about drum to x - 70
80%, specific according to table 1 3 level controller installation height of the check. For other line around the horizontal shell and tube evaporator
the same as the direct feed liquid system, no longer repeat here.
cold agent system is composed of load cooling pump, cooler, expansion tank, and fill the tank and pipeline and aperture of door. Cooling pump
used to transport load cold agent into the horizontal shell and tube evaporator, cooled by for the tube to the cooler import, cooling through the cooling load
device using gravity and residual stress after return to load cooling pump, so formed a closed loop
the collapse load of the closed system is the condition of evaporator and cooler cooling side all can withstand the pressure, such as shell and tube evaporator and Zheng
coil pipe organ and dry type air cooler, etc.
in the system load cooling pump foot rJ sent ling agent only power equipment, due in large refrigeration with tao have
rate of the pump running around the pipeline vibration and noise, therefore in the import and export of the pump through flexible coupling and
system connection a J2 - in the system Expansion tank must diffuse, it has the following functions: one is to avoid Yun load caused by temperature change cold
agent volume change cause its spillover situation; Secondly, through the expansion tank top and atmospheric even his can regularly row
in addition to the air in the system; The third is the available expansion tank installation height of liquid column, raise the pressure pump into u a prevent
delivery low boiling point when load cooling pump cavitation.
the expansion tank gallery set on the top of the system. The lowest water level should be higher than the highest at the top of the cooler, otherwise air will fall
irrigation system. For cold cutting load with low boiling point, in order to improve its cooling pump population pressure, expansion tank takeover shall adopt
in FIG. 1 40 connection methods, and make them take over as much as possible close to the pump suction & middot; Increasing population of pump suction pipe diameter in order to prevent the
cold agent vaporization.
expansion tank automatic device, cold jing can be used for cooling load of the system may leak in a timely manner. Automatic
water device consists of automatic filling water tank and manually fill valve, either by floating ball fill the tank with automatic filling water expansion tank, also at
in order to pass the manual filling water cut-off valve.
water expansion tank shall be breathable joint, excessive joint, joint water supplement and drainage joint and water level gauge, etc. Expansion tank capacity
product should be able to meet the needs of the cold load jing temperature change, want to consider at the low temperature of system to take cold agent in refrigeration unit stop work
system, temperature up to room temperature, the industrial ice machine volume expansion after does not overflow, the effective volume of expansion tank should not be less than
the expansion of the load in the system cooling possible volume, usually use 0. 5 - 1. Orr13一
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