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Cold water machine cold vortex flow control

Cold vortex control is a French engineer, first proposed in 1933, the vortex tube is also called frank tube. The essence of this cooling method is using artificial method to make the compressed gas produces eddy motion, and is divided into two parts of the cold and hot airflow, which separated cold air can be used for cooling.

cold water machine the structure of the vortex tube is simple, mainly by the nozzle, the swirl chamber, orifice and hot and cold at the ends of the pipe. The internal shape of swirl chamber for the spiral of Archimedes, nozzle along the tangent direction at the edge of the swirl chamber. On one side of the swirl chamber is equipped with a separation orifice, the diameter is about half of the pipe diameter, Or smaller) It and the distance from the center line of the nozzle is about half of the pipe diameter. The right side of the separation orifice plate for the cold end of pipe, the other side for the hot side tube, at the end of the pipe is equipped with a control valve, from the distance of the swirl chamber is about 10 times the pipe diameter, manual regulation valve opening available.

cold vortex control principle of work is as follows: high pressure gas compressed and cooled to room temperature ( Usually air, also can be CO2, NH3 gas etc. ) By the air inlet pipe, and inside the nozzle 2 inflation, at a high speed along the tangent direction into the vortex chamber, in the swirl chamber surrounding free vortex formation, the edge of the rotating angular velocity in the swirl chamber part is small, close to the axis part is larger, so in the swirl chamber formed along radius direction different angular velocity of the air layer. Because of the air layer, the friction between the inner angular velocity decreases gradually, the angular velocity of the outer rises gradually, thus the inner air flow will be part of the kinetic energy to the outer airflow. The central part of the swirl chamber of the gas lose energy, the orifice flow with low temperature; Edges of the gas absorption energy, kinetic energy increases, and because with the heat pipe wall friction will be part of the kinetic energy into heat energy, so the flow control valve, high temperature. So, the vortex tube amount can be cold and hot at the same time two kinds of effects. According to the experiment, the high pressure gas - are available through the vortex tube 10 ~ - 50 ℃ cold air, the temperature of the heat flow can reach 100 ~ 130 ℃.

control valve through the change of gas pressure in the hot side tube and regulating the flow of two air ratio, thus has also changed the temperature. When the valve opening for pipe diameter was 45% ~ 60%, the quality of the cold air flow for 1/4 ~ 1/3 of total flow,. If the control valve seated, all gas pipe outflow from the cold end, and there is no cold heat effect. If the control valve fully open, there will be a small amount of gas from the suction orifice, the work of the vortex tube is equivalent to a gas injector.
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