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Cold water machine/cold hot and cold water machine

Product introduction:

laboratory cold water machine is my company from Germany, the United States, Japan and Taiwan and other countries and regions of advanced technology, through the research and development of science and technology innovation, is a computer software and hardware technology, cold and hot and cold water machine is also called cold hot amphibious cycle machine or cold hot amphibious temperature control machine in order to adapt to the needs of customers and launched, professional to provide cooling and heating water circulation and dual-use machine electricity integration technology, sensor technology and the crystallization of technology combined with PID control, has the very high sophistication, novelty, practicality and reliability, not only can be used for laser processing equipment, welding equipment, widely used Yu Haimian manufacturing, sauna swimming pool, foam composite material, medicine and chemical industry. Vacuum equipment, printing equipment, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, high-speed spindle, injection molding machine, etc. , can be applied to a variety of laboratory equipment, such as graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer, plasma spectrometer, plasma mass spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, X-ray diffractometer and scanning electron microscopy (sem) and transmission electron microscopy (sem), etc.

product features:

1, low noise, high temperature control precision, stable and reliable in performance.

2 host imported vortex compressor, refrigeration and stable performance;

3 digital display water temperature;

4 alarm device is equipped with automatic control and protection, fault signal output;

5 water temperature and water flow can be adjusted according to the need;

6 stainless steel water tank, water pump;

7, simple operation and can work continuously for a long time;

8 according to different space requirements, design and production of fission machine;

9 to Europe, America, Japan high efficiency compressor, safety and energy saving, low noise;

10 Italy, Germany and other foreign brand expansion valve, solenoid valve and other refrigeration fittings;

11 domestic high-quality temperature controller ( Optional Japan RKC waalwijk controller) , accurate, stable and reliable;

12 Siemens, schneider, omron and other international famous brand electrical components.

13 can according to production needs to provide cooling circulating water for cooling device or provide hot water for heating speed.

14 host Japan new imported famous brand compressor, the built-in security protection, low noise, stable and durable.

15 & other electrical parts were picked from the international brand; Schneider & throughout; Factory product.

16 complete protection, intelligent security instructions, buzzer alarm. The high degree of automation, the need of personnel
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