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Cold water machine capillary how to choose the size

Mechanism of cold water cooling system with capillary throttle body. Don't like with expansion valve on the optional selection can be determined directly by the design and calculation, the size of the capillary and the mechanism of cold water cooling system in the refrigerant filling quantity shall be made under the condition of the scheduled run refrigerating capacity, give full play to the best of energy efficiency.

in principle the size of the capillary must match the refrigeration capacity and operating conditions, which will meet resistance and designated refrigerant flow requirements, capillary resistance should be enough to need according to the requirements in the design of industrial ice machine liquid seal, and can't have too much liquid accumulation in the condenser, capillary size is determined.

although based on the analysis of the theory of two-phase flow in capillary uh uh uh thermodynamic model calculation. But in addition to the main factors, there are many factors influencing the capillary flow of additional. For example: coil installation of capillary. Bending strength and the number of turns will affect its flow change. Another device running conditions cannot remain consistent conditions.

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