Cold water machine can be used for which equipment industry

by:CBFI     2020-10-14
Summer arrived, the effect of cold water machine also can reflect out more. Cold water machine is mainly used for laboratory ( Small cold water machine) , industrial cooling ( Industrial cold water machine) And other fields. Below small make up for everybody finishing under cold water machine which can be used in machinery and equipment, and application of industry:

cold water machine can be used in the following equipment: MRI MRI diagnosis device, UV laser printer, laboratory furnace, high frequency induction heating equipment, enrichment equipment, packaging machine, jacketed cooling, ray detection device, analyzer, splash plating equipment, welding machine, grinding machine, vacuum reflow furnace, marking machine, exposure device, turbomolecular pump, dispensing machine, electron microscope ( SEM、TEM) , gas chromatograph, magnetic device, EB device, printing machine, bag making machine, crusher, grinding machine, injection molding machine and so on.

cold water machine:
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