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Cold water machine automation of refrigeration equipment and the environment

Over the past 20 years, air conditioning and braking technology develops very fast, in addition to the classical control theory application, modern control theory. Fuzzy control technology. Digital control. Neural network theory are applied to the field. In a nutshell, the refrigeration and air conditioning work has gradually turned to computerized automation. Digital. In order to improve the overall level of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, countries have invested a lot of manpower. Material resources, the refrigeration. The optimal control of air conditioning equipment. The United States. Denmark. Germany. Japan. Russia. Ukraine. Neville and other countries have some famous universities and companies, in the field of theory and experiment research on phase. This over the past 20 years, the international conference and exhibition in the field of special also frequent. Sum up the international hot air conditioning refrigeration and automation are as follows.

refrigeration cold water machine the proportion of energy consumption on the international economy is becoming more and more increasing, in the developed industrial countries, the energy consumption of a often account for a third of the total energy. Sixties and seventies of the 20th century, refrigeration. Air-conditioning unit of brake control system design and safety protection, although also takes into consideration the general method of refrigeration, refrigeration, but more consideration or ensure that the parameters of the air conditioning device to achieve the required runtime values soldiers to ensure safe operation, less consider the whole unit system reasonable matching, formation energy saving operation. Control system is a separate control circuit, such as evaporator for fluid volume control. Temperature control and refrigeration compressor suction pressure control 0 qihoo's own energy regulation, etc.

the buildings because of the space is big, decorate duct contradiction is not big, noise and the demand is higher, and therefore with the whole air duct system at low speed.

air treatment using water jet and surface style all can achieve the same effect, but water treatment in the aspect of health is more satisfactory. Air filtration is also necessary, not only can protect the treatment chamber heat exchange equipment, improve the definition of the internal air ( Visual) And to protect the interior decoration and seat clean and economic effect.

in order to reduce the fan air pressure to reduce the noise and the use of fresh air in transition season, appropriate USES double fan system, because the system of single fan, air conditioning throughout the year, the transition season is not so easy to maximize the application amount of natural cold fresh air.

air conditioning cold source mostly use mechanical refrigeration, the conditional use of natural cold source, should as far as possible using natural cold source, with deep well water, for example, by the summer of winter irrigation, can get the same effect as the mechanical refrigeration. Deep well water can also be precooling fresh air, and then into the refrigeration system of the condenser, which is a kind of more economic plan. In addition, I have combined with underground civil air defense project, the use of wind tunnel for cool inside hall, also achieved good results, in some areas in our country, has rich experience in practice.

in order to reduce equipment investment, adopt mechanical refrigeration solutions may have a cold storage tank, which can reduce the refrigerator sets. When using direct evaporative cooling system, can be directly storage inside the hall, floor temperature slightly lower than the design temperature, also with the personnel to enter, gradually achieve the standard temperature. In recent years, has been in the development of ice storage technology at home and abroad ( Instead of water cool storage) , such as ice storage device has been adopted in wenzhou gymnasium.

this kind of buildings after the winter running, generally do not need a lot of calories, is often the supply air temperature is lower than the floor temperature, is still up to eliminate the effect of heat, so the heat load is mainly to meet the requirements of the preheating of the audience hall. Conditional use air heat source or water heat source heat pump unit, this kind of building can be set up in the winter heat pump system.

the theatre, the division of building air conditioning system, the venue should consider indoor parameters are the same, if use time unification. General stage and dressing room can synthesize a system, the audience hall according to the requirement of the capacity and adjust, can use one or more systems, can also be considered in a system of branch pipe with reheater regulation.
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