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Cold water machine automatic temperature control solutions

In the working process of the cold water machine, cooling water through cooling circulation pump into the cooling tower, continue into the cold water after cooling machine for cooling cycle. With the continuous running of chillers, cooling water temperature rising. The general cooling tower and cooling fan with direct startup mode must be turned on and off under artificial control state.

at present, the technology of control way of defects during the spring and autumn season, the outdoor temperature change is big. Cooling water temperature is higher than the set of cooling water temperature is seen. Might cause appear alarm outage, cold water machine affect the cold water machine work normally or water temperature below the set value.

by automatic control, the circulating cooling water temperature control within a certain range, the measures are as follows:

in the cooling tower cooling fan automatic temperature control device installed in the motor power line road, its characteristic is that through the installation of thermocouple sensor water temperature in cooling tower water tank temperature controller and feedback after get the temperature signal, the feedback control motor starter relay temperature controller to control the opening and closing of the machine.

with at the cooling tower water tank outlet water temperature thermocouple sensor, is located in the cooling tower wall installation device, thermocouple with molybdenum PTlOO resistance materials, ensure the waterproof corrosion resistance, stability and work. Feedback temperature controller adopts a certain temperature controller, temperature controller installed in the power supply into line ark place downstairs, thermocouple and temperature controller is used to connect the line between shielding thermocouple line, to prevent the temperature signal skew in the temperature control meter display.

so there is no need for human according to the cooling water temperature control fan, stop, greatly reduce the labor intensity to improve control accuracy. Can make the fan start relatively stable, and can prevent the fan frequently stop.

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