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Cold water machine, automatic control and energy saving, 2)

Frozen to adjust control mode, refers to the control parameter is not a definite value. Can press a book, make sure the good ship law changes. The reading section system is also known as section program state is built. It is expected that the program can also be submitted to the margin to the revision change. This way of control and computer store to attract badge group, it can according to please the person's procedure, judge for a variety of conditions, from the top of several conditions. Choose a kind of working condition of relatively high energy saving efficiency control. Keep in the system. Poor working conditions. Even if a cold pack, and keep it in. More reasonable running economy, make the power consumption, water consumption, such as reduced to minimum. To reach the effect of the cooling. Good. Run at the same time by the management cost minimum.

the body, this kind of control mode to the given value of the state of the controlled object and mathematics touch dish or lateral control law. Through the application to take badge dish computer. Then, badge denier executing application timing, gathers the fixed-point computer controlled object of the present

number. Compared with the given value after calculation. To calculate the partial reason sichuan according to control the ship law embellish the whole blood. By executing agency timely call object is running. Here you are. Just make sure hui find juice machine speed of acquisition data and processing data, foot to foot controlled object

two complete requirements, can achieve the goal of the closed-loop real-time control over.

should explain freezer itself is equivalent to computing tools, it won't be thinking. So. Young people the control side of the badge machine program and effect to learn chess. Birds to people to summarizes the development. Different refrigeration device service object is different two situation may be different. Even if the same set of refrigeration unit, in different seasons, the best working condition. So, even if the badge machine real-time closed-loop automatic control. Its automatic control and level. Also depends on the people to the understanding of the optimal control and mathematical touch type refrigeration equipment and development.
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