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Cold water machine, automatic control and energy saving

Industrial cold water machine automatic control. Is to point to in addition to the content of the semi-automatic control and realization of auxiliary equipment, temperature automatic control, such as the side. For example: refueling of refrigeration equipment, automatic drain, automatic object completely, automatically adjusting the cold grip of cooling water and so on.

cold water machine and so on the wheel to help equipment compared to the compressor refrigeration equipment. Meng less operation adjustment work. That generally do not need to frequently adjust control bowel. So. Coarse help equipment automatic control side to reduce operating embellish section work. Is concerned. Righteousness is not too big. On the other hand. The timeliness of auxiliary equipment operation reading section. Impact on energy consumption of refrigeration outfit I run is relatively small. Just pretend I refrigeration in a state of normal bamboo now. Come on, drain and object completely in a timely manner. Won't have ask more of the normal operating controls. Even if the auxiliary equipment of the two control in time, such as delayed several hours put oil or object completely, for the operation of the refrigeration outfit I shape ring are slim.

so. Can be thought of as the refrigeration device adopts fully automatic control, compared with the semi-automatic control mode. Energy saving effect is not obvious. And because the number of auxiliary equipment and many. Need to add more control components. Increase investment. Maintenance work. Increased. From for energy saving and other comprehensive consideration, on all sides with 2 thick cold help equipment adopts automatic control side, might be in our country mostly effect refrigeration, without apparent benefit. So. When picking cup control and the way, don't blindly for automatic control of degree, and should note, the actual benefit.

in the local automatic control, semi-automatic control side and fully automatic control side in the way. Control and system USES a fixed value control system. Is controlled by a parameter to a certain value. The control side. Value is difficult to change at any time. In the actual production. Hot

negative rush and cunning and cold, the change of operating conditions is x miscellaneous. For example. The best control for cold storage, refrigeration, winter and courageously numerical might be different from in the season. Constant value control system, therefore, it will be difficult to keep the cooling system at any time in the best condition to run.
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