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Cold water machine and indoor temperature and humidity

Study is cold water machine the refrigeration change must understand the cold water machine the refrigeration and environmental requirements. Differences in temperature, directly affect the cold water machine the refrigeration effect. Make sure the indoor temperature, humidity, can better use cold water machine.

the indoor temperature and humidity should be determined according to the 3 points:

1) According to the outdoor temperature and different occasions ( Consider the clothes and residence time) 。

2) According to the principle of thermal comfort, for saving amount of air conditioning cold, summer can be appropriately increase indoor temperature, improve the indoor air velocity method is used to compensate for comfort requirements. Indoor device for the Japanese often cause swirl air dedicated fan to generate the knowledge flow, our country in the past using deep well water as the cold source, often in order to increase air flow to improve the indoor comfort conditions.

3) When summer indoor temperature field in the opening on the low side ( Winter instead) Cold storage, can use structure, and can reduce surface temperature holding and meet the comfort. Before the break to gradually raise the temperature, energy saving and out of the theater before the transition effect, to adapt to the outdoor temperature. On the air conditioning in the lobby of a lounge and temperature, can be between outdoor and the audience hall. Theatre stage of meteorological conditions should use higher standard, which is considering the actors perform may wear light clothing during the winter summer comedy as the background, of course the summer also can appear the opposite situation.

the determination of indoor temperature is very simple, a thermometer can very good finish. There are three requirements: 1. There must be a stable temperature. 2: the temperature must be uniform. 3. The change in temperature can be multiple values.

when to do experiments, cold water machine the refrigeration changes in temperature and humidity, temperature are stable environment, the temperature drop is a straight line. The compressor model and the situation of the compressor is a very important influence. Effect and the temperature of the compressor is not necessarily proportional or inverse ratio, the related to type.

under the condition of temperature and humidity is not stable, the efficiency of the industrial ice machine is affected, can form a parabola. Such temperature change can be directly into the waste energy efficiency. So the importance of the temperature and humidity is self-evident.

in the real industrial production, the harsh environment is self-evident. Cold water machine in the awareness of the environment, the objective of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance of the cold water machine, the cold water machine the temperature become stable. As a resource to save, also for cold water machine industry, improved product must have the science is still, to have data to support more, please contact for details. ·
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