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Cold water machine air separator

Air separator can exhaust tube in refrigeration system low evaporation temperature, evaporation in the loop with steady load and gas liquid separation device to the intake pipe, prevent in the process of air emissions due to fluid for throttling broadly improper operation, lead to wet compression or cylinder compressor. Food cold storage, for example, there are generally three evaporation temperature loop, namely - used in frozen food processing 33 ℃, - for frozen food cold storage 28 ℃ system and used for ice, ice storage and fresh food storage - 15 ℃ system. In the three loop evaporation temperature - are the lowest 33 ℃ system, but the seasonal frozen processing is very strong, the evaporation circuit not work all the year round, so there's no non-condensable gas exhaust tube can not access the loop - Low temperature 28 ℃ system and years of work, should be exhaust tube by the system.

mainly due to the equipment in the large ammonia refrigeration devices, air discharge becomes very complicated, the intensity of labor is bigger also. Therefore, the automatic type air separator also shows the unique advantages, automatic type air separator is equipped with automatic control device adopts vertical air separator. It is the working principle of high pressure ammonia liquid through the electromagnetic valve (1) in the receiver, the thermal expansion of fujian into the cold water air separator machine after throttling depressurization evaporation cooling coil in the absorption of heat, saturated gas through the exhaust tube, and the coil for liquid volume is controlled by thermal expansion of reading. Mixed gas continuously into the barrel of the air separator, the ammonia by condensation of liquid ammonia and by gravity flow back to the receiver, no non-condensable gas accumulation in the upper barrel, and no non-condensable gas gathering quantity increasing & # 39; Pressure is increased, the entry of the mixed gas quantity will be less, that is to enter the amount of ammonia decreases, due to the coil of the ammonia liquid evaporation cooling, will be used for condensing ammonia absorption by the cold quantity, used to absorb not jorge gas heat & rsquo; The resulting no non-condensable gas temperature is reduced, when the temperature dropped to minus 12 ℃, the temperature of the air separator is installed on the controller action make electromagnetic fujian (2) the current open, no non-condensable gas discharge system, the internal pressure is reduced, the air separator Hun under condensation temperature and gas influx of air separator make temperature, when the temperature rose to an 8 ℃ temperature controller action & # 39; To close the solenoid valve (2), the first is deflated process was ended. As long as the compressor running solenoid valve (1) open, began to work; Compressor stop, shut solenoid valve (1) will stop working automatically work under low temperature air separator, in order to avoid the cold loss of insulation shell should undertake handling. In order to ensure the air separator casing condensate well into the high pressure receiver, the installation location must be higher than receiver barrel surface on the top more than 600 mm.
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