Cold water machine 2002 core technology to build the core of the productive forces

by:CBFI     2020-10-16
To meet new challenges, create new products, create new brilliance.

technology revolution is the best embodiment of spirit, is also a person never stops technology steps, engineers in constant grope and practice, stride forward, step by step. Now, close to seek new technology, looking for new opportunities in the colleges and universities.

at present, have been leaders of the refrigeration system of zhejiang university and Chinese university, combining with the latest cutting-edge technology support, exchange views and learn from each other, comprehensive conquer 200 degrees below zero. Is not afraid of failure, not afraid of difficult to bring new energy for refrigeration industry, for the refrigeration equipment to a new level.

cold water machine, with stable quality, the latest technology, a new idea, comprehensive production level, the optimal cold water machine equipment, producing advisory welcome customers to negotiate, 200 degrees below zero, any volume requirements. You, for the customer to provide the latest, best, the best refrigeration equipment.

, all the way forward.
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