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Cold water chiller load of the commonly used agent

First take cold agent in the chiller evaporator cooling, with cold, mercury to be sent to the load after cooling, refrigeration system can be placed in a small space, thereby reducing the industrial ice machine from the injection quantity, facilitate device installation, operation and management, also facilitate cold quantity with cold places in the distribution of load of the ideal cooling should be nontoxic, nonflammable, small density, viscosity, heat transfer and heat capacity is big, in the applicable temperature range neither vaporization or solidification, is commonly used load chiller cooling water, inorganic salt aqueous solution and organic solution. Water


water used for carrying cold temperatures greater than 0,

2, inorganic salt aqueous solution

the refrigerating capacity of the below 0 degrees, can be used for carrying cold saline solution agent.

saline as load cooling degree are the main disadvantages of has strong corrosive to metal, its corrosion resistance strength is associated with oxygen content in brine, to decrease the corrosion resistance should be less contact with the air of appropriate USES for this closed system, moreover can also add preservatives to salt water, brine solution ph value is 8. 5 is weakly alkaline.

3, organic matter,

on some occasions, when demand lower the load of cold temperature and low corrosion to metal, using organic load of cold. Glycerol is stable compounds, its aqueous solution non-corrosive, non-toxic, can direct contact with food, is a good industrial ice machine. The characteristics of ethylene glycol aqueous solution and glycerol aqueous solution are similar, but slightly toxic. Using the above load cooling, pay attention to the fire, especially when more need to be careful.

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