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Cold surgery and medical cold water machine

Freezing method can be used to damage cells, in the medical application of bed cold operation. Its principle is to use the extremely low temperature adhesion characteristics of the metal surface and supermarket groups see the organization condense necrosis. Cryosurgery has the following advantages:

1, less bleeding wound.

2, can use freezer temperature probe to control the volume of a organization for damage.

3, due to the low temperature caused the nerve numb, and no pain.

the first positive condensation is living tissue can be killed by Boyle, and then in 1851 started trying to immortality - ice mixture with salt The low temperature of 24 ℃, use it to limit the growth of cancerous tissue. His part of the success in destroying breast cancer to alleviate the pain. Fifty years later, scientists and progress, and the use of MianMaoQiu on dewar liquid frozen in the air, for the treatment of some skin lesions. Since then and use dry ice ( - 80℃) Or dry ice and acetone mixture injection agent to treat the skin and eye lesions. In 1959, scientists are beginning to use heavy with dry ice and Taurus static cooling intubation to treat brain tumors. Know that in 1961, had the liquid nitrogen cooling cold knife.

frozen knife system, its theme is a vacuum tube group as adiabatic package of metal probe, probe to stay after liquid nitrogen cooling treatment group Venus. With the continue development of science, application of the idea, and then continue in the field of clinical invention created a better use of cryotherapy instrument & ndash; — Program temperature drop.

program temperature drop data can refer to: http:///news/news54. HTML

but in general the industrial ice machine recovery treatment, is to use cold water machine cooling refrigeration requirements to provide the local region.

the principle of cold water machine: http:///product/product_3_18_62_1. HTML

is widely applied in the cold water machine, industrial, scientific research, has now entered the medical and civilian. Believe in the near future, cold water machine will be out of a wider road.
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