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Cold storage is classified by industry application and nature of use

Cold storage is classified by industry application and nature of use


Classified by industry application

1. Research cold storage room

Refers to the cold storage room used and stored in the scientific research industry or university laboratories as scientific research and research.

2. Agricultural cold storage

Refers to the cold room used for cold treatment and low-temperature storage after the initial processing of agricultural agricultural products.

Agricultural cold storage mainly involves the storage of products: fruits, vegetables (live and fresh), frozen meat and other agricultural products. According to the temperature, the cold storage to be constructed selects fresh-keeping storage, freezer storage, controlled atmosphere storage, high-temperature storage, etc.

3. Medical cold storage

Refers to the cold room that is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to store pharmaceutical products at low temperatures.

4. Logistics cold storage

Logistics cold storage is mainly used in the logistics industry, cold storage for low-temperature storage of food.

The design parameters of the warehouse temperature are: 0℃~+5℃ for fresh-keeping warehouse and -15℃~-18℃ for freezer.

5. Industrial cold storage room

Refers to cold storage used for low-temperature storage of industrial chemical raw materials and industrial electronic products.

The cold storage used in industry includes: chemical explosion-proof cold storage (chemical enterprise), electronic original low-temperature cold storage (electronic enterprise), etc. Industrial cold storage is a special type of cold storage. The construction standard of this type of cold storage is high, and the explosion-proof mark must be IICT4 explosion-proof grade.

6. Catering cold storage

Refers to the cold storage used in the catering industry for low-temperature storage of food and beverage materials. Food cold storage items are mainly food ingredients such as seafood (live or frozen), fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry eggs, etc. The storage temperature is determined by the physiological characteristics of the ingredients.


Classified by nature of use

1. Production cold storage room 

Refers to a place with a large refrigeration processing capacity and a certain cold storage capacity for low-temperature storage of frozen products, generally mainly built in areas such as food production areas, sources of goods, fisheries, and agricultural bases.

The components of the production cold storage: cold storage room, ice storage room, selection room, platform, equipment room, computer room, etc.

2. Retail cold storage room

Refers to cold storage built in industrial and mining enterprises or large urban non-staple food stores and vegetable markets for temporary storage of retail food.

Analysis of the advantages of retail cold storage: the storage capacity is small, the storage period is short, and the storage temperature is adjusted according to the requirements of use. In the structure of the library body, most of the assembled cold storage is used.

3. Comprehensive cold storage

The comprehensive cold storage mainly refers to its powerful function, which integrates the functions of production and distribution. Can meet the storage and cold processing of large-volume products.