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Cold storage installation cost calculation!


Have you ever encountered such a situation? I found a lot of cold storage installation companies on the Internet. Each cold storage design scheme is different, the refrigeration equipment used is different, and the final quotation is very different, which is laborious , The head is big, I don't know which one to look for? So why not let us know about the quotation knowledge of cold storage? Regarding the question of how much the cost of a cube of cold storage is, you must clarify the following points:

1. The capacity of the cold storage you need to build, that is, how big a cold storage needs to be built, and the size of the cold storage construction site (length * width * height);

   2. The temperature requirements of the stored goods for the construction of the cold storage: ultra-low temperature cold storage below -40℃, quick-freezing cold storage below -25℃, freezing and cold storage -18℃, fresh-keeping refrigeration 0℃, and medical cold storage 2℃~8℃; (what items are used to store, For example, meat, fruit, dry goods, seafood, each item requires a different temperature)

   3. You The total amount of goods stored in the cold storage and the daily incoming and outgoing volume accounted for 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 20% 30% of the cold storage capacity (that is, you need to take the cold storage items every day The frequency of entry is not high, this will involve how much electricity the cold storage consumes every day)

   Fourth, the minimum cooling time for the temperature of the cold storage you need to build is 6 Hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours (that is, the time for the items to reach the required cooling temperature when the items are placed in the cold storage)

   I received about the cold storage There are countless consultation calls on the cost of construction. Some customers think that the quotation is too high after listening to the quotation, saying that someone will do it for him at a price that is tens of thousands lower than ours. But you have to know that cold storage installation is a long-term project. The price is very low. It is very likely that the refrigeration equipment used is a refurbished machine, or the material of the cold storage insulation board used is unqualified, which is not worth the gain for the customer. I just want to say that the wool comes from the sheep. If those very low prices make us do it, the cost is not enough. What's the point?

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