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Cold storage in evaporative condenser is introduced

Commonly used air-cooled industrial ice machine is air-cooled condenser, and cold storage using evaporative condenser, generally in outdoor roof installation, especially to prevent condensing pressure in running in winter is too low, control condensing pressure regulating method has the following kinds.

( 1) Air regulation

to condensing pressure fan and transmitting control system. Stop. That under the condition of a certain load can make the fan opening and closing is frequent, can be replaced with speed fan. You can also use condensing pressure transmitting control choke valve. Choke valve can be installed on the air import or export.

( 2) Inlet air humidity control

between the condenser inlet and air outlet near the set a ventilation pipe, with ventilation valve change side ventilation rate, is part of the discharge of wet air HeJinFeng combination, improve the evaporative condenser inlet air humidity, reduce evaporative cooling effect, which is the condensing pressure.

( 3) Run dry coils

the water spray system to stop working, and such an evaporative condenser is equivalent to a dry type air cooling condenser, loss of changes in temperature, condensing pressure increase, but this method if used alone, because the coil by water spray to spray cooling capacity difference is too big, after the water condensing pressure rapidly rising, pump pressure controller will make frequent start-stop, affect the service life of the pump motor and magnetic switch. Another coil under dry-wet alternate change of working conditions, will aggravate corrosion, and scale in coil surface adhesion to speed up the dirt.

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