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Closed small industrial cold water machine selection guidelines

Cold water machine selection, pay attention to according to user requirements, the manufacturer can not be considered, now, I mainly want to introduce the choice of the second kind of classification equipment and system installation. Usually equipment selection is mainly based on its installation position, height of outlet. For example, the closed small industrial cold water machine selection guidelines.

if closed small industrial cold water machine outlet position ( Mainly the tank location) Below the workshop process equipment location ( Including piping layout position) , you must choose the closed tank industrial cold water machine, in order to prevent downtime ( Stop the pump) After the pipe or workshop equipment in the process of cooling water flow back overflow tank ( Because the tank volume is small, and pipe flow back is two root canal, the overflow of the tank usually only a tiny tube) To damage the equipment. Such a case, according to the process equipment usage and also use the time to choose whether or not adding insulation water tank system. If you need to add insulation water tank, we should not only try to make it when installation position is high ( Not the sky high, consider maintenance etc. ) And water tank has a capacity of the choice, besides considering the process flow and equipment use time, consider how much water piping back.

industrial cold water machine for 20 HP, provide water for 12 m3 / h, process equipment run 2 times per hour using process cooling water, cooling water and process through only when the device is opened. High pipe DN65 long 40 m ( After the saddle type pipe water volume can be approximate don't think go back) 。

1, according to the size of the power of the selected equipment and usage, need to consider whether or not the system also set the water tank:

equipment itself with water tanks are usually small, below 20 HP industrial cold water machine with tank volume is less than 1. Only 1 0 m3, more than 20 HP. Around 5 m3, and get rid of tank evaporator ( Generally for copper tube) Of volume, save water is very few, usually can be combined with the conditions of workshop process equipment water consumption and water on the system and adding a certain volume of heat preservation water tank.
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