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Classification and working principle of ice block machine


   Ice block machine is a kind of cbfi ice machine. The ice cubes that can be made are large in size, small in contact with the outside world, and not easy to melt. It can be crushed into various forms of ice cubes according to different requirements. It is suitable for ice sculpture, ice storage, sea transportation, sea fishing, etc. After crushing, it can be used in all places where ice is used. Let me share with you the content about the classification and working principle of ice block machine, welcome to read!

Classification of ice brick machines:

   Ice brick machines are divided into direct cooling ice brick machines and salt water ice bricks machine.

Direct cooling ice block machine:

  The evaporator uses aerospace-grade special aluminum plate, which is more durable, and the ice is in line with food hygiene Requirements;

  Automatic ice melting and deicing without manual operation, the process is simple and quick;

   Deicing time per batch Only about 25 minutes, high efficiency and energy saving;

   ice cubes can be transported to the ice storage in batches with a forklift, without manual handling, which improves efficiency;

  The overall modular equipment, transportation, movement, on-site installation is very simple;

   According to different requirements, we tailor each direct ice cube ice for customers Machine;

Brine ice brick machine:

   uses titanium tube as evaporator to improve heat exchange effect and truly prevent rust Anti-corrosion to ensure service life;

  The part of the salt water pool in contact with the salt water is made of PE material, plastic welding, low temperature resistance, and no rust;

  Special ice shelf and ice melting tank design, the operation is simpler;

   The refrigerator is heated by compressor exhaust waste heat, which is more energy-saving and suitable for ambient water temperature Lower areas;

  The overall modular equipment, transportation, movement, site installation is very simple;

   according to different Upon request, we tailor each brine cbfi ice machine for customers;

The working principle of the ice block machine:

  1. The chilled water pump in the water storage tank continuously circulates through the plate or compartment evaporator;

  2. After the compressor is running, pass Inspiration-compression-exhaust-condensation (liquefaction)-throttling-evaporator with low temperature evaporation of -10-18 degrees absorbs heat to evaporate. Chilled water condenses into an ice layer on the surface of the evaporator at a lower temperature at a water temperature of 0 degrees. When the ice layer has condensed to a certain thickness, the evaporation temperature of the coolant reaches the set temperature of the temperature control, that is, the defrost solenoid valve usually uses a heat pump to remove the ice, and then the next cycle is realized.

   Thank you for reading, the above is an introduction to the classification and working principle of ice block machines. Part of the content comes from the Internet and is for reference only. Bingquan Refrigeration specializes in the production and sales of ice making machines, ice block machines, and flake ice machines. If you want to know more about the detailed matters, please call for detailed inquiry and serve you wholeheartedly.

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