Classification and composition of vacuum freeze drying machine

by:CBFI     2020-10-15
Freeze-drying machine, also known as freeze drying machine, the vacuum system can be divided into several categories: oil-free vacuum unit, there are oil vacuum unit, vacuum unit, vacuum system, continuous processing vacuum equipment, etc.

the lyophilizer or vacuum freezing dryer system mainly consists of five parts:

no vacuum oil machine group: 1 is not oil as working liquid box there is no organic sealing material.

there are oil vacuum unit 2: seal oil as working fluid or organic materials.

3: vacuum system is generated by the vacuum container and vacuum, vacuum measurement, vacuum control.

4 vacuum unit: is produced by vacuum, vacuum measurement and control of vacuum.

5 continuous processing vacuum equipment: is able to deal with a continuous research materials or work into the vacuum container, and can output from vacuum chamber without interruption continuous process equipment.

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