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Circulating water cooler in the application of the laser industry

In recent years as the continuous development of scientific instruments and popularization, various kinds of instrument products also get the development by leaps and bounds, circulating water is one of the cooler, the function of it is by water temperature is relatively low heat produced by the instrument away, keeping the temperature of the instrument parts at a lower level. Currently circulating water cooler is widely used in laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding, laser drilling, laser equipment. Because the tap water pressure instability and scale more congestion fine tubular, affect the normal operation of the machine; And the contradiction of water shortage increasingly prominent, and equipment ( Especially precision instruments) More and more high to the requirement of water quality and temperature of the cooling water, circulating water cooler has become the first selection of more and more users.

1, the advantages of circulating water cooler

relative water cooling circulating water cooling way, although the one-time investment is larger, but it has the incomparable virtues than the tap water cooling way:

1, the circulating water cooling method can save a lot of precious water resources;

2 using deionized water or distilled water, circulating water cooling way, will not have occurred in equipment waterways, can prolong the service life of laser equipment, to improve the stability of its measurement;

3, circulating water cooling way, Refrigeration type) Can freely adjust the temperature of cooling water.
2, the classification of the circulating water cooler
circulating water cooler according to its function, divided into non refrigeration and cooling type two kinds.

1, the principle of non refrigeration
the refrigeration principle is compared commonly simple, mainly by the water pump, radiator, fan and the water tank. Its role can only be used for cooling, generally can't control, and water temperature depends on the place of ambient temperature. Because by the fan blow the water to the radiator, cooling, thus instrument waterways in water temperature can't be lower than the environment temperature. So generally applies to non cooling circulating water cooler water temperature control requirements is not high, low heat yield of instrument or equipment.

2, the principle of refrigeration type
cooling circulating water cooler according to its work in a different way, and can be divided into start-stop type and the start-stop type two kinds. Their common principle is to use temperature controller for temperature control, through the compressor refrigeration, again with water to heat exchange, reduce the temperature of the water.
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