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Chromatography of air-conditioner temperature control system

Chromatography of air-conditioner temperature control system of the core component of temperature control system is a temperature sensor, temperature sensor for temperature automatic sampling, real-time monitoring, when the environment temperature is higher than the control set point control circuit starts, you can set the control back to the poor. Such as the temperature rose, when reaches the set point of transfinite alarm temperature, start the transfinite alarm function. When controlled temperature can not get effective control, in order to prevent the destruction of the equipment can be controlled by the function of the trip to stop the equipment to continue running.

temperature control system is an important hardware in chromatography of air-conditioner, mainly depends on the sensitivity of the sensor, the number and distribution, also want to focus on temperature control performance, in general, operating temperature, the temperature control precision, there is a thermostat to determine the parameters such as relationship with chromatography freezer, some temperature control system can control temperature range is very wide, but the actual temperature control need according to the refrigeration system to determine the chromatography ark itself; Temperature uniformity also need and chromatography ark combination is good effect.

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