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Chromatography of air-conditioner principle

Chromatography freezer principle

chromatography freezers in the field of laboratory for reverse phase chromatography, affinity chromatography provides the test environment.

affinity chromatography was there are a lot of specific interactions between molecules, between them can be targeted and reversible, the binding force is called affinity. Affinity chromatography is through two molecules will have affinity, in a fixed on the insoluble substrate, using the specificity of the affinity between the molecules and reversibility, separation and purification of another. Are fixed on the substrate of molecules called ligands, ligands and substrates is covalent bonding, constitute of affinity chromatography stationary phase, called affinity adsorbent. Affinity chromatography first choose and for the separation of biological macromolecule material as affinity ligand, covalent binding and ligand on the appropriate insoluble substrate. Preparation of affinity adsorbent loaded column will balance out, when the sample solution by affinity chromatography column, for the separation of biomolecules with specific combination of ligand, thus on the stationary phase; And other impurities can't combine with ligands, is still in the liquid phase, and with the eluent outflow, so just to be in the chromatography column separation of biological molecules. Through appropriate eluent elution from the ligand, get the purification of separation material.

reverse chromatography is in adsorption chromatography, high polar material on the chromatography column adsorption is fast, elution occurs when the tail phenomenon and the retention time long. If coated with a layer of carbon atoms on the solid support of strong hydrophobicity of alkane, eluent, with strong polarity solvent such as the mixture of methanol and water. Samples were separated polarity of the strong adsorption material, the first wash down, get good separation effect. This kind of chromatography, contrary to common adsorption chromatography, is called reverse phase chromatography. At present the use of HPLC in reverse phase chromatography commonly used ODS column, the connection on the surface of the solid support C18H37Si & ndash; The group.

as chromatography of air-conditioner manufacturers. Has a wealth of tomographic freezers production experience, the chromatography equipment, laboratory chromatography freezers, has a wealth of experience. Under the meet the requirements of high standard laboratory, promotion in storage at the same time, the special requirements for the inert gas, gas to provide a more natural environment. Chromatography freezer more value into full play. The phantom users have questions. 021 - 51082935.
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