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Chromatography of air-conditioner buying guide

Tomographic freezers chromatography for short ark, alias chromatography experiment freezers, is a special for biochemical chromatography experiment USES low temperature freezers, can also be used for other experiments need low temperature environment, or for refrigerated items. Here, manufacturer for your summary, the choose and buy of chromatography freezer needs to pay attention to what factors:

a, look to whether multi-function, contain ark of chromatography and drug preservation box two functions, flexible switch
considering the chromatography experiment lab daily is not much, but most of the lab is just put the small equipment to chromatography ark inside, chemicals, reagents, etc. , is the basic demand of every laboratory needs, so the ark of the chromatography of multi-function can greatly improve the efficiency of its use, reduce the cost.

2, compare the smaller temperature uniformity
value representative of temperature in the cabinet put oneself in another's position is more even, the stronger the protection on the sample, the better. With the temperature uniformity & plusmn; 1 degree is preferred.

3, see aerodynamic design inside the cabinet put oneself in another's position, whether can form covers the whole body stability of active cold air, generally require a separate design air duct, in order to ensure that does not form a short circuit flow, to ensure high temperature performance metrics.

4, see whether the equipment configuration of accessories complete
whether you can configure the rack, the realization of the aim of chromatography and medicine save combination, improve the efficiency of the use of the cabinet.
whether configuration fixed column chromatography columns and clip, is easy to use, do not take up space.
if internal power socket configuration, whether to have waterproof performance.

whether configuration shelf, instruments and equipment can be placed on it.

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