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Chinese wolfberry freeze-dried compared with traditional bask in the hot dry drying and its advantages

Chinese wolfberry medlar lyophilizer also known as freeze drying machine, mainly for black Chinese wolfberry, red Chinese wolfberry freeze-drying, keep the black Chinese wolfberry fruit color, aroma, taste and shape, and maximize the preservation of fresh fruit vitamin, protein and other nutrients.

Chinese wolfberry freeze-dried method: the freshly picked black Chinese wolfberry washed, and then into the Shanghai research and development of dispute of Chinese wolfberry lyophilizer materials indoor rapid frozen, then sublimation drying, freeze-dried medlar can be.

and ordinary drying, drying, hot dry wolfberry contrast, freeze-dried Chinese wolfberry has a natural advantage.

1, the common Chinese wolfberry in under the sun, can appear the phenomenon of enrichment, make Chinese wolfberry from full fruity dry slender, some of the nutrients will be lost with moisture to evaporate. In addition, exposed to the air dried medlar also by microorganism, enzyme and oxidation of triple play, lost Chinese wolfberry fruit in the original color, aroma and taste at the same time, still can let black Chinese wolfberry produce certain metamorphism. So in the production of dried medlar need to use the chemical additives such as edible alkali, sodium nitrite to accelerate the evaporation and hair color, at the same time for long-term anti-corrosion and ascend black Chinese wolfberry, seller will to smoked with sulfur goji berries.

2, unlike dried medlar, freeze-dried medlar because it is in the production of low-temperature vacuum environment, use freeze-dried technology to sublimate pulp in the water without damaging the original material structure, let the freeze-dried medlar complete keep fresh fruit in the form of skeleton and at the same time, still keeps a Chinese wolfberry in the maximization of various nutrients. In addition, because in the production of vacuum environment, microbes and enzymes can effect, makes the Chinese wolfberry can maximize the keep fresh fruit color, aroma and taste. At the same time, less than 5% moisture content also let Chinese wolfberry freeze-dried after production without refrigeration, as long as the sealed packaging, can be at room temperature storage, transportation and sales for a long time, three to five years is not bad.

3, has the different taste, Chinese wolfberry freeze-dried directly to eat is luo boom crisp, no longer like dried medlar as tough and chewing. If water immersion, freeze and medlar also can return to the shape of the fruit in a few minutes, send out a full-bodied Chinese wolfberry fruit.

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