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Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze dryer

Cordyceps sinensis is ergot fungus cordyceps parasitic in hepialidae insect larvae on child body and larvae of the complex, is a traditional rare tonic Chinese herbal medicine, can regulate immune system function, antitumor, fatigue resistance and other properties. Traditional way of Chinese caterpillar fungus, dry is to use air drying, drying, drying, drying, etc, produced by the method of the caterpillar fungus one has some shortcomings, such as the drying time is long, nutrient loss degree is high, easy to reduce production, taste is easy to change, the colour and lustre is variable, appearance contraction, morphological change is big, and so on.

compared with the traditional drying methods, the use of Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-drying mechanism for caterpillar fungus originally containing heat sensitive material will not occur degeneration or loss of activity, very little volatile components in cordyceps loss, the role of the growth of microbes and enzymes in low temperature could not be, so can keep the original character, because in the frozen state to dry, so the volume is almost the same, to keep the original structure, after drying of material is porous, the sponge, add water after almost immediately restore the original character, due to the drying under vacuum, oxygen is few, so easy oxidation of some substances have been protected, dry can eliminate 95% - more than 99% of the water, dried cordyceps can long-term preservation without deterioration.

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