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Chinese caterpillar fungus, dry way and freeze-dried caterpillar fungus

Traditional Chinese caterpillar fungus and dry is to use air drying, drying, drying, drying, etc, but these methods have been the Chinese caterpillar fungus, dry goods to save the following disadvantages: (1) the drying time is long; (2) poor health level; (3) nutrition and active ingredients loss; (4) easy to reduce, production; (5) flavor, taste is easy to change; 6 color variable; All landowners appearance contraction, morphological change is big, and so on.

with the development of science and technology, freeze-drying technology improvement. Lyophilizer application in Chinese caterpillar fungus, dry, freeze and Chinese caterpillar fungus as a new one with Chinese caterpillar fungus, because its in made under low temperature and vacuum environment, freeze-dried caterpillar fungus has the following characteristics.

( 1) Short drying time

( 2) High degree of health;

( 3) Is not affected by weather conditions, is not easy to reduce, production;

( 4) More keep the original color, taste the grass;

( 5) More to maintain the nutrition;

( 6) Basic to keep the original shape and appearance of the

freeze-dried caterpillar fungus as a new drying technology, the development of lyophilization caterpillar fungus has broad market prospects, Chinese caterpillar fungus and merchants will take to find a good economic benefit.

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