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Every ice experiment detailed on this website is mainly the same end result -- top half or so clear; backside half cloudy. I get fantastic results from a chest freezer with no fan and no defrost characteristic. You will get extra clear ice from 2 inches of water in a tray than simply 2 inches in a cooler. Second, the water surrounding the tray is even more insulation. Third, you are solely harvesting ice from a smaller heart cut portion of the cooler.

Which portion is also probably the most insulated. There is definitely a vent on the top, so perhaps I'm wrong and there's a fan I simply don't know about. The 'perfect' temperature is simply barely beneath freezing to make the clearest ice, however that takes endlessly to freeze.

I had hoped the pump would remove the top freeze, however since the submersible pump truly must be about an inch under the floor to operate, that's to be expected. I guess I could look at making an attempt to insulate these areas a bit extra and see if that helps. I'd additionally like to find an external (non-submersible) pump. From my understanding, that is mainly how a Kold Draft ice block machine works , though I'm undecided it is extremely-sonic, simply mist.

Of course melting any clear ice would presumably get the identical result, however using the pump methodology offers you a fast, high-volume freeze and makes it straightforward to pour off the cloudy the rest. If you solely get an inch of clear ice on 5/6 inches deep of water your freezer is just too cold or otherwise screwed up.

Super cold freezers appear to cause cloudiness. As for my top-down attempts, I simply can not seem to get it directional enough. The greatest I've been able to get is about an inch and a half of clear ice on the top, with a huge cloudy dome underneath .
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