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Chemical special cold water machine types and principle

Chemical special cold water machine can provide circulating cooling water for cooling for the chemical industry, for the quality of chemical products, yield and cost to provide the safeguard. Chemical equipment itself must be able to adapt to the characteristics of chemical process are often encountered in high temperature and high pressure, high vacuum and low pressure, inflammable, explosive and strong corrosion resistance and other special conditions, so the chemical special cold water machine type common anti-corrosion type, explosion-proof type, standard type.

chemical principle of special cold water machine is by state for the gas industrial ice machine evaporator, the compressor after compression, into a state of high temperature and high pressure. Be compressed gas refrigerant in the condenser, isobaric cooling condensation, changes into the cooled by liquid industrial ice machine, then through throttle valve to the low pressure, into a mixture of gas and liquid. One of the low temperature low pressure liquid industrial ice machine, absorbed in the evaporator is cold the physical quantity of heat, again into a gaseous refrigerant. Gaseous refrigerant pipelines, back into the compressor, begin a new cycle.

are important in ensuring ice maker machine, and the machine is utilised by everyone from ice maker machine to ice maker machine.
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